Cheesehead Mania

I was told by a friend who lives in Milwaukee yesterday that the Packers fans and Wisconsin media are already acting like the Packers are in the Super Bowl.  They seem to be bypassing the upcoming Bears game entirely.  While the team may or may not feel this way, it would be dangerous for them to listen to too much of this before the game this weekend.  That’s how teams lose when they should win.

The Packers do have a running game they did not have the last time they met the Bears.  It makes for a different Bears defensive plan.  But if anyone on the Packers team is thinking they have this game in the bag, they need to stop right now or just not show up on Saturday.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned this NFL season ANY team can win.  And I mean ANY team.  If you go into a game thinking that you have the game and that you are thinking ahead to the next possible game, in this case, the Super Bowl, you will think yourself right out of the game you are supposed to be playing.  Yes, the Bears can be beaten, but you have to be entirely and completely focused on the game at hand to do so.

Like I said, it is the Packers fans and media that is driving this “we got this” ship.  But if the Packers are listening at all to any fans or any sports media coverage on a routine basis, they just might start to believe it themselves.  It’s one thing to be confident in your team’s ability to win, but it’s something else entirely to discount another NFL team especially one that is much improved like the Bears.  I think the Packers have an excellent defense and quite possibly the best receivers in the NFL.  To see them lose the game versus the Bears because they weren’t focused would be a shame.  Let’s hope it’s this game they are focused on and not the possibility of going to the Super Bowl.

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  1. beartightwad says:

    Nice thing about this game is that the football ticket prices have dropped 40% in 5 days.


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