Chargers 2014-2015 Season Predictions

The NFL Schedule was released on April 23, 2014. The big surprise was that the AFC West teams have the hardest schedule in the NFL.

Luckily for the San Diego Chargers, they have an easier schedule than 2 out of the 3 in the division. That doesn’t mean it will be an easy season.

Week 1 has the Chargers playing on Monday Night Football against the Arizona Cardinals. I say this is a win with the Cardinals still looking for an identity. 1-0

Week 2 sees the Seattle Seahawks coming in to Qualcomn Stadium. Seattle will be hot coming off of their Super Bowl win and I think the Chargers lose this game. 1-1

Week 3 has the Chargers traveling to Buffalo to play the Bills. This will be the start of a long win streak for the Chargers that will be important for the latter part of the season. They win in Buffalo, 2-1

Week 4 has Jacksonville Jaguars coming to San Diego and the Chargers will win this game. 3-1

Week 5 has the New York Jets coming to San Diego and the Chargers win this game as well. 4-1

Week 6 moves the Chargers to Oakland and the Raiders where the Chargers take care of business. 5-1

Week 7 bring the Kansas City Chiefs to San Diego and the Chargers win at home. 6-1

Week 8 brings the Chargers to Denver on a Thursday night game. With San Diego tired and fatigued from the altitude, they lose this game in Denver. San Diegans jump off the bandwagon. 6-2

Week 9 moves the Chargers to Miami to play the Dolphins. Chargers win here coming off that Denver loss. 7-2

Week 10 has the Chargers bye week. Right now, they are 2nd in the AFC West and 5th in the playoff race.

Week 11 brings Oakland to San Diego and San Diego rolls them at home. 8-2

Week 12 brings the St. Louis Rams to San Diego and the Chargers win at home. 9-2

Week 13 is the start of the Chargers hardest schedule set. They have a chance to lose here to the Ravens in Baltimore but they take care of business. 10-2

Week 14 brings the New England Patriots to San Diego. It’s a must win as the Chargers play Denver next week but they lose looking ahead at Denver. 10-3

Week 15 brings Denver to San Diego with both teams records at 10-3. Denver has been on a tear, winning 5 in a row. San Diego brings them back down to earth and wins this game. 11-3, first place in the AFC West

Week 16 moves the Chargers to San Francisco against the 49ers. A lot of people think San Diego will lose this game but 49ers will be coming off of 2 out of last 3 against the Seahawks. There will be little left in the tank and San Diego will win. 12-3

Week 17 has the Chargers finishing their season in Kansas City. The Chargers lock down a #2 seed in the AFC playoffs and finish at 13-3.

This is the best possible scenario for San Diego. They could easily lose at Baltimore forcing to go on a 5 loss skid to end the season. I don’t see that from this team and I don’t see them backing down from Peyton Manning’s quest for a Super Bowl.

This is my first of 3 schedule predictions. I will do one before preseason then after the preseason. We will see how the Chargers draft goes and how it effects their chances at winning the Super Bowl.


  1. LOL – The Cardinals are going to still be looking for an identity in week one? That’s a new one. I thought they already had an identity. They didn’t lose much from last season and will only add. That’s doesn’t mean they will win. Just saying I think we already know who and what the Cards are. Don’t dismiss them because of an identity issue. By the way – Vegas has already put week one lines up. Cards are 3.5 favorites.

  2. Kendrick Luckenbach says:

    Carson Palmer is on the decline, no presence of a run game, Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t have a #2 to help the receiving corps, o-line is a mess. Only consistent player on the defense is Patrick Peterson, Cromartie will help but he peaked in 2007 with the Chargers. They’re a team living in the shadow of the Seahawks and 49ers, on the bubble until the teams above them in the division fall

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