Chad Henne Benched

Dolphins starting quarterback Chad Henne can no longer refer to himself by that title now that Chad Pennington has been announced as Miami’s signal caller for the upcoming week. Henne, who made headlines this summer for claiming that Tim Tebow was not good enough to be an NFL quarterback, has been considered a big disappointment for the club in his one and a half years as the starter and Bill Parcells reportedly grumbled this preseason that he was very unhappy with the former Michigan man’s development over the last few years.

Henne entered the NFL a question mark player that had all the right physical tools to excel in the league, but many coaches were critical of the young QB’s consistency in college and ability to take the proper next step in the pros. Well it appears as if the Dolphins gamble hasn’t really worked the way they hoped and Henne has underperformed during his time as starter and struggled to a 11-10 record over the last two seasons and has also thrown more picks (23) then TDs (20) over that span as well.   

And to be quite honest (as I said before the season even began) who ever gave Chad Henne the authority to evaluate any potential future QB in the NFL? Like Tebow or not, what has Chad Henne ever done to say who has what it takes and who doesn’t to be great in the NFL? Henne has never thrown 20 TDs in a season. He has also never won a playoff game. He also have only started in 21 career games and at the time that he was critical of the Broncos rookie he had only played in 13 games. Chad Henne is by no stretch of the imagination a guaranteed starting NFL QB and by most accounts has been pretty disappointing in his limited time in the role.  

With Brandon Marshall heading into town this off season, the Dolphins had no excuses for not putting up more points than they have in recent years. Currently the Dolphins have 11 touchdowns on offense which is tied for the second worst output in the league. Where did you go Dan Marino?

Chad Henne is quite simply “not an NFL quarterback.” Well on second thought he is….

Just not a starting NFL quarterback.

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