Who Will You Cheer for In Super Bowl XLIV?

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The Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints will meet in less than 24 hours to play in the NFL’s biggest game of the season. Each team has their own fans and followers, believers and naysayers. Everyone has their own reasons for backing their team, whether or not it’s the team they generally follow during the regular season.

Time To Pick The Super Bowl

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It’s the day before the Super Bowl and it’s time to actually make the pick official.  I’ve been beating around the bush (kind of) for two weeks and now it’s time to say what I mean and mean what I say.

The Colts are going to take it.  There I said it.

Drew Brees is nice or whatever, but he ain’t Peyton Manning.  Marques Colston is nice, but he ain’t Reggie Wayne or Austin Collie or Pierre Garcon.  The Saints defense is nice, but the Colts defense is faster.

How Hurt is Dwight Freeney?

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Dwight Freeney has a sprained ankle that could keep him out of the Super Bowl, but I have to ask…how hurt is he?

He, supposedly, couldn’t walk a few days ago and then he showed up to media day without a boot or anything on…just flip-flops.

Here’s my thing.  Perhaps he’s not AS BAD as we thought and he’s starting to feel better.  If so, that would be very good.  Freeney is a common thread in the Colts’ 2006 success and now.  He anchors a good defense.

A Preliminary Look at the Saints for the Super Bowl

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The Saints squeaked by the Vikings into the Super Bowl this past Sunday.

It’s no mystery that the Saints had a VERY hard time dispatching the Vikings in the Superdome on Sunday and now they have to carry those problems to Miami for the Super Bowl.

The offense was “clicking” on some level, but it was “smoking” the Vikings the way some people thought it would.  Drew Brees was able to work some magic, but he needed a bad throw by Brett Favre to get him the ball back in overtime to win the game.

A Preliminary Look At The Colts For The Super Bowl

Indianapolis Colts iPhone wallpaperWell, the Colts proved me wrong and beat the Jets in the AFC Title Game after falling behind early.  I mean, when the game started and the Jets were clicking I thought that I had TOTALLY gotten that pick right.

What does this mean for the Colts in the Super Bowl?  Well, it means that they can score at will…despite the defense they’re playing.  The whole “running thing” was a total miscalculation on my part.  I really thought the ability of the Jets to run would make a difference.  It didn’t!

AFC Title Game: The Pick…Part 2

Indianapolis Colts iPhone wallpaperThe Colts are equally as dangerous as the Jets and possess the most talented Quarterback…maybe ever.  Now we’ve got to pick between the best defense in football and one of the best offenses in football.

Ah, there’s the rub.  The Colts are not the best offense in football THIS season.  They don’t run the ball particularly well (though they don’t care to) and they are missing Anthony Gonzalez.

AFC Title Game: The Pick Part 1

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The Jets are getting hot at the right time…

The AFC Title Game goes down in Indy on Sunday and I am TORN.  I mean, really torn.  I haven’t had this hard of a time making a pick until…oh yeah…last year’s AFC Title Game. 

Had I been here back then I would have spent 2 to 3 appearances talking about that Ravens/Steelers matchup.  Fortunately, I learned alot from that game so it’ll only take 2 this time.

NFC Title Game Pick Coming Right Now…

Jared Allen!Jared Allen loves this game…

The NFC Title Game matches the Vikings and Brett Favre against the Saints and Drew Brees in New Orleans.  The Vikings travel to New Orleans with eyes on getting Brett Favre to the Super Bowl at age 40 while the Saints just need to win for validation.

The Saints crushed the Cardinals last weekend in the Divisional Playoffs and now they get the only team that looked as strong as them all season.

Compare the offense and defense and you get what amounts to 2 clones playing each other on Sunday.  We could spend all day breaking this thing down and it would come out about even.

Colts Stage Comeback to Stay Undefeated

Indianapolis Colts
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The Colts were not playing their best game yesterday when I went to my Pastor’s house for a Christmas party.  He had the TV on in a side room and some of huddled around from time to time to see what was going on.  Well, after wrangling the kids and piling in the car I hadn’t seen the game in about half an hour and I knew it wasn’t going well, but I figured the Colts had managed to turn it around.  Well, they were STILL behind with about 7 minutes left.