Pereira On Media Day Madness

Mike Pereira covers Super Bowl media day for the first time.

Super Bowl Storylines

Alex Marvez and Peter Schrager talk Super Bowl storylines.

Brees Showing Frustrations over No Deal

Could it be the marriage between the New Orleans Saints and quarterback Drew Brees is over?  Probably not.  But the battle scars might be something that will never be fixed.

Brees is upset at his naming by the team as Franchise player.  This means he will be paid a one year salary of the average of the top three quarterbacks in the NFL.  Brees wants a long term deal and has not made it a secret to anyone asking.  Over the last two days, Brees has shown his displeasure.

Art Monk Joins Lawsuit Against NFL

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has to be looking in the mirror wondering what he did to upset the football Gods.   Hall of Fame wide Receiver Art Monk is the latest in a long line of retired players to join in another lawsuit against the league.

We have discussed ad nauseum what Goodell hasn’t done to help those in need who placed the NFL on the map.  To make the NFL what it is today for him to become Commissioner with only one goal in mind, the 18 game season.

Brian Dawkins Calls It A Career

It’s always hard when a longtime NFL Veteran decides to call it quits.  For Brian Dawkins, after 16 seasons, the end is here and he announced prior to the NFL draft so the Denver Broncos could make plans accordingly.

Dawkins didn’t call a press conference to make his decision known.  The new way of announcing things for athletes is via the twitter account.  Dawkins didn’t disappoint.

Could Parcells be the Saints Man?

As of today the secret is out on who the New Orleans Saints want as their “replacement” coach for Sean Payton.  It’s none other than Bill Parcells, Payton’s mentor.  At first the name sounds a little far-fetched.  But on second thought, it may not be so “out there.”

Parcells has been out of coaching since 2006.  Yet he has stayed in the game as the President of the Miami Dolphins until last year, and then as a commentator on ESPN.  Yet give me one person who has the intestinal fortitude to tell Parcells the game has passed him by.

Doomsday Has Arrived for the New Orleans Saints

The NFL announced today its sanctions against the New Orleans Saints. And boy, do they hurt.

Commissioner Roger Goodell announced in a press conference today that Head Coach Sean Payton will be suspended for the entire 2012 season starting April 1st without pay and will be fined $500,000.

General Manager Mickey Loomis will be suspended the first 8 games of the 2012 season starting after the Saints last preseason game.

Former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams will be suspended indefinitely. Assistant coach Joe Vitt will be suspended without pay for the first six games of the 2012 season.

Jets LB Latest to be Upset

This is the off season of mal-content for the New York Jets.  Wide receiver complaints about the quarterback, complaints on the offensive coordinator, the head coach no longer issuing bold and brash predictions.  Now the defense will be heard from.

Not the defense arguing its case, but the actual defensive side of the ball.  This time it’s coming from All-pro linebacker Bart Scott.

It seems Scott is concerned with the way he is being used.  Scott is frustrated with regularly being removed from the field on third downs and the Jets plummeting to an 8-8 record after they were expected to be in the Super Bowl.  Instead it was the Giants representing New York by winning the title and that doesn’t make Jet fans happy.

Goodell Still Wants 18 Game NFL Season

It’s one of those nasty little subjects that just keep coming back, like a bad penny.  This time the subject is the 18-game NFL season and the bad penny is Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Goodell is making the rounds of the NFL teams again, rousing the possibility of an 18-game season.  The players almost unanimously turned it down during the lockout last year, but Goodell has never been one to take no for an answer.

So here he is again, earlier this week, on ESPN radio 1050 am bringing up the subject.

Assigning Blame

In sports, as in life, when a team fails it becomes everyone’s job to assign blame.  There has to be a reason why they lost.  It has to be someone’s fault.

The sports media assigns blame one by one so that they have enough stories to fill 24 hours of programming and writing.  The players blame so it doesn’t fall on them.  The player’s wives blame so it doesn’t fall on their spouse. On and on it goes down the list until eventually everyone is to blame.  And in truth, everyone is to blame.  Teams win and lose as teams, not individuals.