Jim Rome: Super Bowl XLIX reaction

Jeff Pearlman and Chris McGee join Jim Rome to discuss their reaction to the Patriots beating the Seahawks, Pete Carroll’s play call, and the Patriots’ legacy.

Chargers 2014-2015 Season Prediction Version 2

In my previous prediction piece I had the San Diego Chargers at 13-3. That was a best case scenario and it’s time to bring their record down to earth.

There have been lots of offseason moves to make the defense better and solidify the offensive line. Will it be enough to make the playoffs? We shall see.

Week 1 has the Chargers season opener on Monday Night Football against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are a tough defense and it gives the offense a good challenge. With Carson Palmer on the decline, it will be a great coming out party for the new Chargers defense. 1-0

San Diego Chargers vs. Houston Texans: Week 1 Preview

Expectations for the San Diego Chargers and Houston Texans are opposite. The Chargers are expected to finish 9-7 and be a sub-par team. The Texans are expected to be a top 5 AFC team and their goal is the Super Bowl. The Chargers will debut their new team at home but the Texans look to spoil it and take a win.


The most important thing in this game is for the running game to get going. Running back Ryan Matthews needs to live up to his potential and stay healthy. If Matthews stays healthy then he can take some pressure off the passing game. Matthews had a good preseason so expect him to continue into the regular season. I expect 60 yards and 1 touchdown for Matthews in this game.

Free Agent Maddness!

It’s been a long time Browns Fans!  However, I’m back and should start adding a lot more input as well as some out of the box points of view for everyone to enjoy.  So let’s get to it …

Just minutes away from Free Agency Frenzy and I have to admit that I really am pumped for what is about to happen.  Don’t get me wrong.  You can not build an NFL team with only free agents.  You have to build using the draft.  However, for a team that has not really had anything to build on this may be a way to get things in place. 

Super Bowl Preview: Ray Lewis Controversy and Randy Moss

John Clayton delivers the latest news from Super Bowl XLVII

Pereira On Media Day Madness

Mike Pereira covers Super Bowl media day for the first time.

Super Bowl Storylines

Alex Marvez and Peter Schrager talk Super Bowl storylines.

Brees Showing Frustrations over No Deal

Could it be the marriage between the New Orleans Saints and quarterback Drew Brees is over?  Probably not.  But the battle scars might be something that will never be fixed.

Brees is upset at his naming by the team as Franchise player.  This means he will be paid a one year salary of the average of the top three quarterbacks in the NFL.  Brees wants a long term deal and has not made it a secret to anyone asking.  Over the last two days, Brees has shown his displeasure.

Art Monk Joins Lawsuit Against NFL

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has to be looking in the mirror wondering what he did to upset the football Gods.   Hall of Fame wide Receiver Art Monk is the latest in a long line of retired players to join in another lawsuit against the league.

We have discussed ad nauseum what Goodell hasn’t done to help those in need who placed the NFL on the map.  To make the NFL what it is today for him to become Commissioner with only one goal in mind, the 18 game season.

Brian Dawkins Calls It A Career

It’s always hard when a longtime NFL Veteran decides to call it quits.  For Brian Dawkins, after 16 seasons, the end is here and he announced prior to the NFL draft so the Denver Broncos could make plans accordingly.

Dawkins didn’t call a press conference to make his decision known.  The new way of announcing things for athletes is via the twitter account.  Dawkins didn’t disappoint.