Carroll Skirting Suspension — Why?

Bill Plaschke is a respected writer for the Los Angeles Times and a guest on “Around the Horn” on ESPN.  In his article about former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel Plaschke shows why.

Plaschke is in complete agreement with the NFL in suspending Tressel as an employee of the Indianapolis Colts.  That is certainly the consensus agreement among Ohio State “haters” around the country, so for Plaschke to go along is not surprising.  Plaschke even admits the league blew it when it comes to former USC coach Pete Carroll.

Plaschke calls Tressel a “shamed former Ohio State football coach, whose lying and cheating endangered the future of the Buckeye program and cost him his job a few months ago.”  Thank you to Mr. Plaschke for stating the obvious.

Tressel may have committed sins with the NCAA and everyone knows that.  However, unlike anyone else in this so called crime, Tressel lost his job.  Unlike Carroll, Tressel didn’t leave OSU to take the job in Indy.   Tressel stepped down to reduce the penalties issued by the NCAA.

Plaschke is wrong when he states if Terrelle Pryor was suspended, so should Tressel be.  Pryor, by his own misguided and nudged opinion by his attorney, admits he would have been forced to leave the school this year anyway because he accepted car payments from a family friend.  Which was unknown by Ohio State.  Pryor was then admitted into the NFL with a 5 game suspension.

Pryor , his agent Drew Rosenhaus and his myriad of lawyers tried to circumvent the system to get into the NFL Supplemental Draft.  It worked and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell fell for it.  Which was the wrong thing to do, but as Plaschke states, the NFL is trying to keep their working relationship with the NCAA solid.

Now Goodell has stuck his foot in it.  He has set a precedent with Tressel that he stated wasn’t the case with Pryor.  Now coaches and athletes understand if they have committed violations in the NCAA, they can expect penalties in the NFL.  This is a lawyer’s dream.  This is like your current employer suspending you for 5 weeks for lying to your previous employer.  The NFL will most certainly find this out soon.

Why?  Because they have three cases on their hands right now.  First is the obvious Pete Carroll situation.  Carroll did more than Tressel at USC, yet got away with it.  Believe it when Carroll is fired by Seattle in the next 5 years and wants to go back to college, will the NCAA allow it?  Or will they chicken out and say he has been gone long enough to warrant clemency?

Plaschke is correct when he said the NFL should have suspended Carroll for at least one year.  Carroll committed more felonious violations with USC and he jumped ship before the NCAA could bring down the hammer.  Carroll found a taker in Seattle and left faster than a Reggie Bush 80 yard TD run.

Speaking of Bush, why wasn’t he suspended two years ago?  When the violations were announced and his name was prevalent in almost all, maybe Roger Goodell should have gotten on his high horse then and laid down the law.  But nothing happened.

Now what does Goodell do when University of Miami players enter the league, then are found to have taken money from Nevin Shapiro?  Does that mean Goodell will pounce?  What about Cam Newton.  Violations are coming to light quickly on Newton and his father accepting money.  What will this do to Newton’s career if the NCAA announces Auburn has to relinquish the National Title?

Goodell is on a slippery slope again and the slide will end up in court.

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