Bye Bye Mr. Richt

University of Georgia - Athens, GA
South Carolina found a way to win and UGA found a way to lose all in the same night as the Gamecocks (I refuse to just call them the Cocks) won a tight game 45-42.  I was around people who were watching the game with much anticipation, and they were going from elated to sad in almost manic episodes as the game keep changing tides.  When it was clear that South Carolina had finally prevailed, all of the UGA fans just sort of shook their heads and took on the long face of a fanbase that knows bigger change is coming.

With this loss, there’s practically no way that the Bulldogs can get back into it unless there is a major catastrophe at another program in the SEC East.  Of course, not all of the schools in the East are perfect, but the Dogs are already 0-2, and they just lost to South Carolina.  Even if Boise State runs the table, that opening loss just set the table for an even more disappointing second game loss to a team that Georgia has always had trouble with.

I know that the Dawgs didn’t match up well with USC, but the fact remains that this team is going into a tailspin that they may not be able to get out of.  Already, the talk in Atlanta is, “Can Mark Richt survive this?”

I’ve heard arguments that say if he ends the season well he MIGHT get another year.  I’ve heard that some people think he’s basically done after this loss, and I’ve heard some who think he’d never be fired no matter what.

Remember how UGA works now.  Vince Dooley got pushed out for a guy who later got fired because he was in a traffic stop with his mistress.  It may not take much more to show Mark the door…

and that would make me sad.

Creative Commons License photo credit: hyku

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