Burn On, Cleveland. Burn On.

I can't stop thinking of the football episode of The IT CrowdWhen you think of Cleveland, the words dominant sports city do not come to mind.  In fact when you think of Cleveland, the words hopeless sports city sounds like a more suiting title.

And now that Lebron has officially left the building, Cleveland’s chances of taking home a title in any sport have taken a huge hit.  In fact currently the city may be the worst sports town in all of America.  In fact “currently” doesn’t do enough justice for the beleaguered city.  Cleveland may be the most helpless sports town of all time.  

Their baseball team, the Cleveland Indians, was one of the most promising clubs in the 1990’s, but like many small market MLB clubs the organization has basically become an excellent farm team for bigger clubs to pinch off of.  Albert Bell, Manny Ramirez, CC Sabathia, and Cliff Lee are just a few of the high profile names that dodged the lovable losing town over the last decade.  And the current roster has about as much talent as the Jonas Brothers and a few players even younger.

The Cavs of course experienced some success over the last seven years with the Labron-frenzy.  But now the best NBA player has given the city the ultimate slap in the face by not only leaving his home state, but doing so for way less money.  So who’s left in Cleveland to hope for?

Certainly not the Cleveland Browns. 

Sure the lowly Browns did bring in Mike Holmgren to steer the organization back to promise, but Holmgren only experienced moderate success in his only stint as a general manager in Seattle and the former Green Bay coach won his only Super Bowl in the prime of Brett Favre’s career.  Unfortunately for Holmgren, he now has Jake Delhomme as his QB.  Yes, the man that completed more passes to the opposing team then his own the last time he played in the playoffs.

But what does Cleveland have to hope for now that new management has headed into town?  Not too much. 

Delhomme is mediocre at best these days and certainly not a reliable starter for longer then a year or two, Colt McCoy is the newest pretty boy rookie QB who will be overwhelmed by the speed of the game, and Madman Mangini is still lingering around town hoping to run some more off-the-clock no pads contact drills for his rookies.

The Cleveland Browns don’t offer much more then the Indians or the Cavs do for the unfortunate sports town, but then again when your best player on your team is a kick returner/wildcat specialist then you are likely in for a long season.

Too bad Labron didn’t pick the Browns as his newest franchise much like his popular TV commercial.  

Because at least then the Browns would have a shot at the playoffs.

Creative Commons License photo credit: dprevite

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