Burn Me Once

Kickoff at Vaught-Hemingway
Reports have it that Houston Nutt and Ole Miss are considering giving ex Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli another chance to play.  Word has it that Masoli may get in to Ole Miss on a little known NCAA rule.  I understand Nutt’s need for a QB since Raymond Cotton hit the road, but has he forgotten what happened with Jamar Hornsby just last year?  Nutt may be about to get burned again.

Let me state this up front – I’ve seen Masoli play and he is one of the most talented college QBs I’ve ever seen on the field.  It’s his off the field issues that are the problem.  Depending on what articles you read and what stories you believe, Masoli is most likely guilty of various felonies or he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I tend to believe the truth lies somewhere in the mid ground.  Masoli has made some very, very bad life choices.  He has put himself into some situations that he could have easily avoided.  But he made the choice to be where he was, with who he was, doing whatever he was.

Masoli was able to work a plea deal and get probation for his “alleged” transgressions.  Oregon on the other hand wasn’t so forgiving and kicked Masoli out.  Masoli has since graduated from Oregon and by doing so under NCAA rules he can enroll at another college in a graduate program and not have to sit out the required year he would have had to if he hadn’t already graduated.  Masoli and his team seem to have all their school ducks in a row.  The question remains as to where his off the field ducks are wandering to.

Nutt has to have a QB.  There aren’t a lot of play ready QB’s just laying around.  It is however a huge chance to take on someone who has been in legal trouble multiple times.  You have no guarantee whatsoever that Masoli has decided to trod the straight and narrow and keep himself out of trouble.  It’s a big risk.  For Masoli, it may  well be his last opportunity to play especially if he screws it up.  For Nutt, he may turn out to be a hero or he may get burned again by a troubled player.  Burn me once shame on you.  Burn me twice shame on me.  Somebody hide the matches.

Deborah Horton Writing

© photo credit: Matthew Tosh

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