Buffalo Bills Observations And The State Of The NFL

The Bills have been quiet as of late. Recently, they held a work-out for QB Vince Young for a possible back-up role, which he would need to compete for against Tyler Thigpen. In my opinion, Vince would be the better back up for the Bills. He has that starter experience, and as I have stated before what is better than a player that has something to prove. The Bills have yet to sign any of their draft picks, which I have to believe is the more focus right now than signing Vince. The Bills are quiet right now, but this team is going to make some more noise in the 2012 season.

The NFL and how the game is played is about to be placed under a very big microscope. With over 1,000 former NFL players suing the NFL for head related injuries, and former players taking their own lives, this has placed the NFL in a bad light. The NFL is a very brutal sport, and has consequences. Some of these consequences are not thought out by some players, and they take the money and play the game. The NFL just had their 2012 draft, and not one player declined because of the possible consequences of long term injuries.

We as a society want to see the big hit, the hit that makes you cringe or jump out of your seat. For example, James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers put a massive hit on Colt McCoy of the Cleveland Browns during a game last season. That hit made me jump out of my seat, and say “wow, what a hit, he laid him out”. That is the culture the league office is trying to change. Players are faster, stronger, and are playing the game they were taught. Looking back at the McCoy hit, that is what Harrison was taught, run through the ball carrier. Maybe the form a tackling is a lost art. It is not the one-on-one tackling anymore, it’s gang-tackling. With the wide-receivers being faster, and running-backs built like small brick houses the defense wraps up the player, and waits for help. When that help comes that is when the players take more lumps.

We as a society love the big hit, and want to see it. No one that watches the NFL can tell me that they do not want to see a defensive player lay out some one on a hit. Now, they do not want to end a players career, or permanently injure them but the players will make those hits. When people watch NASCAR do they not want to see the bump-n-grinding? They do, but those bump-n-grinds can eventually cause a massive crash and seriously could hurt a fellow driver, but they assume the risk. Same thing with the NFL, they should assume the risk. They should know those hits could have long term effects, and that one hit can have prolong effects.

When a team is scouting players are they going to take the disciplined player who is a wild man on the field, or take the guy they will slow up on a tackle or let a player catch the ball because he felt the tackle he was going to make could really hurt that player? I think they will take the wild man.

In the coming years we may see a huge shift in how the game is being played. Roger Goddell is going to do everything to put player safety first, which is good, but how can you change the way a player plays.


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