Bud Adams Says “Peace” To “VY”

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He did say that “VY is my guy” but now I guess Bud Adams is sick of Vince Young.  Honestly, wouldn’t you be too?

Remember, this is the same guy who was “hurting”, and he left his house with a gun, supposedly, and people didn’t know where he was and he’s generally a wacko.

He’s been up in Jeff Fisher’s face pretty much all season, and I think Fisher has wanted to throw him off the team on the sidelines more than once.  Again, wouldn’t you be sick of someone who was all potential and slowly fizzled right in front of you?

Also, remember one thing:  Vince Young was a hot property at number three in the draft.  Everyone thought it was stupid for Young to fall even that far.  He had just won the Rose Bowl, a national title, and played one of the best games in the history of college football.

How could he have possibly been a miss?  How?

Because he’s mentally imbalanced (or something).  I don’t know what Vince’s problem is, but he’s the guy you and your friends avoided in school because they were a little on the “unabomber” side.

But you know what makes me curious?  Why is he allowed to rehab at the Titans’ training facility?  When Steve McNair (God rest him) was on the ropes the team didn’t even let him come in the building.  Besides the fact that he’s no longer with us (showing respect for the dead and all) how is it that Air McNair less valuable than VY?  Like, he can still come in the building?

The Titans have their priorities all whacked out, but it’s Bud Adams’ priorities.  I trust Jeff Fisher and pretty much anybody he hires.  But Adams — he might have lost it.  He’s right, but he’s wrong.  It’s all very sad and strange.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Matthew Tosh

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