Bucs Williams Arrested On DUI Charges

Bucs rookie wide receiver Mike Williams is playing like an Offensive Rookie of the Year, but the often troubled 23 year old receiver has just encountered his first run-in with the law as a professional athlete.

Williams was notoriously known for his bad attitude at Syracuse. In fact the highly talented receiver dropped to the 4th round of the draft this year because of his insubordinate behavior when he played in college and quit his team. But so far this season the pick appeared to be a steal for the Bucs, who have not reported any negative incidents involving the receiver, and Williams has become the number one target to second year man Josh Freeman and the young duo is quickly becoming one of the most promising in the league.

Williams currently has 40 receptions for 627 yards along with an impressive total of 5 TDs this season for the second place Bucs in the NFC South. Even more impressive Williams leads all rookie receivers in each of those stats. But this great start to the year could easily become overshadowed by his recent troubles with the law. Although the way in which Williams was charged seems to be a bit strange.

Williams was pulled over around 2:30 AM last night for speeding and erratically changing lanes and when he blew his breathlyzer he actually was under the legal limit of .08 with a .065. Williams apparently had “glassy” eyes though, so the police officer decided to test him for drugs via a urine test despite passing his sobriety test. Toxology reports can take up to 6 weeks to report, so I guess we will have to wait and see if the police officer was right to test the rookie or if Williams was actually completely innocent. The Bucs front office reported that they are gathering evidence on the report and will decide whether or not to suspend the young receiver sometime soon.

Williams should have never been out drinking at 2:30 AM in the first place and as many athletes have said before nothing good happens after midnight. But despite Williams awful track record and irresponsibilty, my problem with the police report is this… 

Williams passed his sobriety test and blew under the legal limit provided and did not have any drugs or paraphenilia on him at the time of the arrest. To charge somebody with a DUI that was A) not drunk, B) passed their sobriety test and breathlyzer, and C) had no drugs in their car seems to be a little bizarre. Do “glassy” eyes really outwiegh all of these things and how “glassy” were these eyes to instantly charge the receiver with a DUI rather then waiting for the results of the toxilogy report?

I suppose Williams had Cheech and Chong eyes much like Chris Simms horrifically reaked of pot in New York this summer by being arrested despite not having the drug on the person, but testing his urine for such a hunch seems to be a way of entraping somebody like Williams, who has a terrible track record. Either way testing positive would not be a good thing for an athlete that is regularly tested by their league, but a positive test would only prove that Williams has been guilty of doing an illegal drug in the last 30 days and not on the night of the alleged crime. Doesn’t exactly make him much better, but I find these types of arrest interesting because nobody has “proven” yet that Williams is guilty of a crime.

Either way Williams troubles are bad news to a team that already lost one star player for the season due to drug use and waived another two weeks ago because of a drug arrest.      


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