Bubble Bubble Toil And Trouble

The Witch
The NFL decided to get tough on what they call “illegal hits” and helmet to helmet hits and are threatening to suspend players immediately if they violate these rules.  But hold on there partner, the NFL PA has joined the discussion and if the NFL suspends players you can bet they will be filing grievances.

The fact that the NFL only put fines on players yesterday shows that the know if the suspend players the NFL PA will be all over them.  In an already contentious situation with the CBA coming up soon and a possible lockout, and now NFL owners saying they will STOP players healthcare in March if there is a lockout, the players association is not going to just roll over and accept suspensions of players.  In fact, they may not even accept some of these fines if they see the hits differently than the league does.

Steelers linebacker Harrison who was fined 75 grand for his hits on Sunday is still hot under the collar about it.  On a radio show yesterday he said he would be talking with Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin this morning to determine if he can continue to play in the NFL.  Harrison feels that the new rules will change how he plays the game or how he has to play the game, and he’s just not sure that’s something he can do or that he wants to do.  He even said the word retirement.  Now this may be so much heated retoric, but the NFL has to realize that this is going to continue to happen.  When you have an ambiguous rule, you get people who will violently disagree with your enactment of the rule.  Especially, if they think you’re wrong and they’re right.

I see a lot of bumps in the road coming about thanks to this new rule.  The NFL will continue to say they are trying to be more safe while they do nothing about helmet safety and the fact that most concussions occur when a players head hits the ground, not a player.  And the NFLPA, will start arguing fines and suspensions (if there are any) leading to even more contention heading into the CBA discussions.  Sounds like a big pot of witch’s brew about to boil over.

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