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This afternoon Isaac Bruce will announce his retirement from the NFL and he will do it as a St. Louis Ram.  On Monday, the 49ers traded Bruce to the St. Louis Rams so that he could retire as a Ram. Bruce is still beloved by the fans in St. Louis and it is fitting that he ends his career the way he began it…as a Ram.

Bruce played 14 seasons in the NFL.  He was the last active Los Angeles Ram in the league.  While not the most dominant receiver ever to play the game, he still amassed a record that is sure to see him in a yellow blazer someday at the HOF.  Bruce was 2nd all time in receiving yard, fifth in receptions, and ninth in receiving TDs.  Everytime he touched the ball, the fans would let out a collective yell of his last name stringing it out as he made the play.  He was a part of the so called “greatest show on turf” with Kurt Warner.  The same team that won the Super Bowl.  The team that had one of the most memorable throw and receptions in NFL history.  The Rams will retire Bruce’s #80 jersey on October 31, 2010.

Bruce leaves the NFL the same year as his quarterback of the Super Bowl team and he does it as a Ram.  The last active Los Angeles Ram and the first St. Louis Ram to make the Pro Bowl.  He leaves still beloved by Rams fans everywhere.  When his announcement comes this afternoon, I think that if you listen closely you will hear them all say in unison “Bruuuuuuuuuuuce.”

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