Brown Tells Palmer “Good Bye”

Mike Brown is playing a game of poker with quarterback Carson Palmer.  And Brown is betting Palmer is bluffing and will fold.

Palmer has been asking for a trade from the Bengals since the end of last season.  With the lockout in place Brown really didn’t need to worry about what Palmer was asking.  However the lockout is over and now it’s time to sit up or shut up.

Brown has decided Palmer has nothing in his hand and will let him fold.  The Bengals will let Palmer play for them in 2011 or retire.  But the ball is in Palmer’s court.

Palmer has 4 years left on his contract and Brown intends on making him play it out.  Brown said the club will move on without its franchise quarterback if they have to. The Bengals plan to hold their first training camp workout Saturday in Georgetown, Ky.

Brown has always taken a hard line on players trying to leave.  He stubbornly expects players to honor their contracts and won’t make trades, even of the trade can help the team.  Receiver Chad Ochocinco wanted a trade three years ago, but Brown refused.  Ochocinco enters this season with one year left on his deal, but is hoping to be released in the next few weeks.

When Brown was asked why he wouldn’t trade Palmer and get some draft picks in return, he said it was a matter of principle.

”Carson signed a contract. He made a commitment. He gave his word,” Brown said. ”We relied on his word. We relied on his commitment. We expected him to perform here. He’s going to walk away from his commitment. We aren’t going to reward him for doing it.”

Without Palmer, the Bengals have nothing experienced to fall back on.  Brown is expecting a lot from the team’s stable of quarterbacks entering camp.

The Bengals drafted Andy Dalton in the second round last April. Brown indicated on Tuesday that he’ll be the starter heading into camp, even though he hasn’t been able to work with coaches because of the NFL’s lockout. Carson’s younger brother Jordan is the only quarterback on the roster with any NFL playing time.

Brown said the team will look for another veteran, but will give Dalton a chance to win the job.  Vince Young is out there.  Maybe he can come in and take Palmer’s place.  But there are no rumors or stories of any experienced NFL quarterbacks heading to Cincinnati.

Should Palmer change his mind, the Bengals will be there waiting with open arms.  This is a game of chicken Palmer can be a huge winner, or a very beaten loser.  If Dalton comes on strong early, Palmer would have a tough time coming back.

It’s understandable why Palmer wants out.  The Bengals are coming off a 4-12 season that included 10 straight losses. Carson Palmer told the team he wouldn’t be back after coach Marvin Lewis decided to return.  Palmer wanted some changed in the way the organization is run, but Brown refuses to budge.

So its business as usual in Cincinnati, however Palmer appears to be gone.

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