Broadway Joe Says Show Revis the Dough

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Joe Namath has said a lot of things over the years.  Of course the former Jets quarterback is famous for his Super Bowl guarantee victory way back in the day when the AFL and NFL merged.  And in recent memory Broadway Joe regrettably opened up his mouth when he was being interviewed on the sideline of a Monday night football game by sideline reporter Suzy Kolber. 

Apparently the legendary quarterback really wanted a kiss that night.   

But Joe wasn’t guaranteed much on that evening and in recent years the quarterback has kind been out of the public eye partially because of the public embarrassment. And the former Jets man did admit that he has been recovering from alcoholism in the last few years and is now officially just a football-aholic.  And when asked about the Jet’s chances this season Namath did admit that this might be there year. 

And one issue Broadway Joe believes needs to be resolved immediately is the potential season long holdout cornerback Darrelle Revis is threatening the Super Bowl hopefuls with.  Revis is a no show at training camp this month and wants the last two years of his original rookie contract redone with the potential to make more money then any other cornerback in the league.  Raiders MVP Namdi Asomugha makes $15 million a season for the lowly squad and if Revis were to get that type of deal then he would make roughly $14 million more dollars a year then his current deal.

And as much as I don’t like the modern day athletes mentality of deserving more then their current contract or holding out if they are unhappy with their deal, Revis is one of those few valuable players (much like a quarterback) that can get away with the crime. The man truly was a key player down the stretch and shut down many of the league’s best receivers when the game was truly on the line.

Revis deserves an extension and obviously Broadway Joe agrees considering he referred to the holdout as justified.  And the Jets know that if they want to win the Super Bowl then Sexy Rexy needs a shutdown corner to take away half of the field. And just a few days back it was reported that the Jets front office have contacted Revis’ agent and willing to talk about a new extension.  Maybe not Al Davis dollars, but certainly a hefty pay increase.

And this could be the Jets’ season. This could be the year that the team finally returns to promise and takes back the Lombardi trophy yet again.  And Joe Namath and Darrelle Revis will be celebrating alongside one another on the fifty yard line if that is the case.

But Suzy Kolber, on the other hand, will rightfully be nowhere near that celebration.      

photo credit: edogisgod

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