Bringing Back Donald Driver Is Right In Green Bay

I know it’s a business.  I get that, and we can usually use that reality to explain easily the things that happen in these situations.  Some guys have to get cut and it’s all a business decision.  However, Donald Driver is more than a business decision to the Packers, in my opinion.  I think that there is no reason in the world to assume that the Packers could do anything other than keep him.  He’s a good guy, he’s been with the team for a long time, he’s always been good, and he just won Dancing With The Stars.  I mean, that’s pretty cool, right?

Now, I know that loyalty is something that is not a high priority in the NFL, or in sports in general, but when teams are being loyal to their players, it just makes everything seem much better in the world.  I know it’s a small thing, but I think that the idea of loyalty can change franchises.  When they keep a coach, when they hold onto beloved players, when they are more wholesome, the team looks better and performs better.

Loyalty marks the Packers.  They did everything they could with Brett Favre.  They stuck by Aaron Rodgers when it got hairy.  They hold onto the players that are meaningful to them.  They are a publicly owned team.  They are wholesome, they’re in a small city, and they are successful.  It’s a formula for the success of any franchise.

Look at the Falcons, they keep their people now and they win.  It’s the same formula.  It makes a team look better, feel better to play for, and it allows the teams to win more consistently because all the other players feel like they will also receive the loyalty that they feel that they deserve.  It’s that big a deal.

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