Brian Dawkins Calls It A Career

It’s always hard when a longtime NFL Veteran decides to call it quits.  For Brian Dawkins, after 16 seasons, the end is here and he announced prior to the NFL draft so the Denver Broncos could make plans accordingly.

Dawkins didn’t call a press conference to make his decision known.  The new way of announcing things for athletes is via the twitter account.  Dawkins didn’t disappoint.

“The Lord has blessed me to play in the NFL for 16 years. I would like to thank the Eagles & the Broncos for believing in me.   I would like to thank all my teammates & Coaches that I have been blessed to go to battle with. Along with you, the fans for helping make my career one that I have enjoyed tremendously. In other words. I am announcing my retirement from the NFL”

At age 38 and 16 years in the league is usually enough for any player, no matter what the position.  However Dawkins has been a star at safety for the Eagles and Broncos and never lost a step in producing a high level of play that others tried to achieve.

Dawkins is a 9 time Pro Bowler, 6 time All Pro.  He is a member of the NFL’s all Decade team for the 2000’s, and a member of the Philadelphia Eagles 75 year anniversary team.  He came out of Clemson as the Eagles second round pick in the 1996 draft and became the starting free safety his rookie year for the Eagles and played there until 2008.  He then resumed his level of play for Denver.

In his outstanding career, Dawkins finished with 1,131 tackles, 26 sacks, 37 forced fumbles and 37 interceptions.  Certainly Hall of Fame numbers.  Is he a cinch for enshrinement into the Canton Hall?

One would believe so.  He has had longevity, class, one NFC Title to his name and a personality that could lead him into the announcing profession.  The NFL will miss his high level type of play, but the Hall of Fame will await him in five years.

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