Brees Showing Frustrations over No Deal

Could it be the marriage between the New Orleans Saints and quarterback Drew Brees is over?  Probably not.  But the battle scars might be something that will never be fixed.

Brees is upset at his naming by the team as Franchise player.  This means he will be paid a one year salary of the average of the top three quarterbacks in the NFL.  Brees wants a long term deal and has not made it a secret to anyone asking.  Over the last two days, Brees has shown his displeasure.

“There’s always a back and forth when it comes to these negotiations. But I know we’ve reached out on quite a few occasions. And at times, I know I’ve been frustrated with the lack of response, ” Brees said.   “I would just say there should be a sense of urgency, and yet it seems like there’s not.”

Brees says the lack of communication is what bothers him the most.  He knows the team has been under a lot of pressure, not only with his deal, but bounty-gate” and the suspensions.  However he does feel his contract should take priority at some time in the off season.

Up until this week, Brees’ comments have been mostly positive and understanding to the Saints plights.  However now he is showing his frustration and in public to boot.  Not a good thing for the team to undergo at this point in the off season.

Now the team is about to begin OTA’s and Brees has told everyone listening he will not be there.  This coming from a man who during the lockout last year at this time, was gathering his Saints teammates to practice without coaches.  To say Brees is thinking of only himself is the wrong thing to believe.

Brees is the most recognizable athlete in New Orleans.  He is bigger than anyone, and that includes Former Hornets star guard Chris Paul, who couldn’t hold a candle to the community enamoration for him.   Brees helped people during the aftermath of Katrina and the city remembers that.

Asked why the deal is taking so long, Brees said, “I don’t know. It’s been extremely frustrating for me. I didn’t think the negotiation really should have been this difficult. But here we are.”

Reports are the Saints are offering $19 million for 5 years, while Brees and his agent want $21 million over the same time frame.  Neither is budging.

Brees has not signed the franchise offer of over $16 million and does not plan to. He wants a long-term contract.  That makes July 16 the ultimate deadline in this contract standoff.  On July 17th, franchise-tagged players can only sign one-year deals.

And if Brees isn’t signed by then, expect the Saints fans to start wondering why.

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