Brees Brought Franchise Tag Upon Himself

So Drew Brees is upset.  Upset at the New Orleans Saints for placing the Franchise tag on him, meaning he cannot go anywhere as a free agent.  In reading and listening to many speak about this supposed atrocity; there is only one thing to be said.

You brought it on yourself Drew!

Brees was one of the members of the Players counsel that filed a lawsuit against the NFL after the decertification of the Union.  However, once the owners got serious about putting together a deal, Brees was right there putting in his ideas and working through the night until am agreement was put together.

So where did Brees go wrong?  If he didn’t like the way the Franchise tag was set up during the negotiations, he should have spoke up.  After all, Brees had to realize he was an upcoming free agent and the Saints would have the right to use the tag on him after the 2011 season.  Yet Brees didn’t fight hard enough to make more changes to the format.

There are differences between the franchise tag of 2010 and the tag of 2012.  Currently the franchise tag means Brees will remain a Saint for one year at a pre-determined salary number. The bad news is the number is calculated differently now than it has been in years past.

Last year, a quarterback with the franchise tag made the average of the top five highest-paid players at his position, which in 2011 was over $16 million. This year, with the new calculations, it’s $14.4 million.  So Brees loses $1.6 million, but is that a hardship?

Sure it’s a decrease in money, but once you get up into that atmosphere just what is $1.6 worth?  Still it’s a lot of money, but Brees will be a Saint for Life. If he ever needs anything in the city of New Orleans, he just shows up.  Brees saved the franchise, possibly saved the city itself, and he will never want for anything.

So Brees is upset.  Let’s be serious here.  A long term agreement can still be negotiated.  The Saints still have until July 15 to make that happen. They will and Brees will be happy once again, and the Saints will work at regaining a Super Bowl trophy they earned three years ago.

Brees will get paid, and he will be paid handsomely.  The Saints fans will have their hero because he is going nowhere.  But Brees should look in the mirror because he was one of several players that made this problem possible.


  1. Ava Gibbons says:

    Sure Brees is a great QB, helped win a SuperBowl, broke a decades old record and is a 6x pro-bowler. It’s only in the past 3 years he’s hit his stride. He came from another team. He’s not the best QB in the league, but he may be the most arrogant. He’s not Peyton, Brady or even young Rodgers. He’s put himself on this pedestal, thinking he’s worth more. He’s not. Peyton Manning had to work his butt off for 13 years, same team. Pages full of records, 4 MVP’s, 2 trips to SB with 1 win, awards galore, 11x probowler. There are huge differences here. Brees needs at least another 5-6 years to catch up. What he loses in gross money would just be taken in taxes anyway. Not too clever is he. What I now wonder is what did he know about the Head Hunting going on in his locker room? He must have been aware and he’s the team rep, on NFLPA boards. What a hypocrite. Take what they offer you Breesy, there won’t be too much money left to hand out after the fines hit New Orleans. Get real.

  2. @Carolyn The Saints are NOT CHEATERS! They won the superbowl cause the onside kick was recovered by the Saints and Tracy Porter’s interception from Manning.We simply played better. And if you think for one minute that other teams didn’t have a bounty system in place you are uninformed! NFL players former and current have stated that this sort of thing has been going on for decades!! So before you judge the Saints take a close look at ALL the other teams that has done just may find out that YOUR TEAM has done this too!!! #GETREAL

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