Brandon Marshall In The Hospital

Lister Hospital, Stevenage
I sit down in the car and the report comes over the radio that Brandon Marshall was stabbed.  According to reports, he was taken to the hospital in Broward county where he had surgery.  Doctors have told him he’ll make a full recovery in a few weeks.

Brandon Marshall has been a controversial figure in football, and he’s had his share of “issues”, but when anybody gets attacked (in this case stabbed in the stomach) I have to take pause and wonder what in the world is wrong with us nowadays.

Going all the way back to Rae Carruth, there has been this slow trickle of domestic violence involving players in the NFL.  We had a player from Jacksonville shot near his home.  We’ve had a player killed during a home invasion, and now Brandon Marshall being stabbed, and according to the reports his wife was arrested.  It’s just sad.

Darrent Williams was shot in a driveby, and the NFL said they tried really hard to tell the players to be as secure as possible.  Well, I don’t think they’re trying hard enough.  I know that pretty much every team has a security director and you can’t predict when people are going to commit violent crimes, but there’s something about the NFL that seems to draw-in violence.  It’s a violent game on the field and it continues to attract violence off it.

If I could, I’d like to appeal to all NFL players to please be as safe as possible.  I’m not saying you need to hire a bodyguard (because sometimes you can’t afford that no matter how rich you are), but please realize that you’re not invincible.  I don’t know what precipitated this terrible attack on Brandon Marshall, but I hope the bad things that happen to players off the field will stop sooner rather than later.

Creative Commons License photo credit: anemoneprojectors

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