Bounty Scandal Out of Control

Recently in NFL news, there has been much coverage of the Bounty Scandal case involving the New Orleans Saints.

This past week a few current Saints players and a few ex Saints players were able to appeal to the punishments administered to them by Roger Godell and the NFL for their roles in the Bounty Scandal. Saints players Jonathan Vilma, Anthony Hargrove, and Scott Fujita all had very strong opinions to express to the media after they made their appeals to Roger Godell and the NFL.

The three players are very unhappy with how the NFL is handling the situation. I am quite torn on the subject. In one corner I agree with the players. The NFL is unfairly ruining their reputations by making the Bounty Scandal a national news matter before anything is actually proven. I feel badly for players such as Jonathan Vilma and Scott Fujita, who are multiple year veterans. Their reputations that they have built up throughout their careers are now totally ruined.

The NFL could have handled this situation a lot better and in a more professional manner. The situation has gotten out of the NFL’s control. Nothing is even set in stone right now. It is not proven whether these players are guilty or not. Obviously the NFL has proven that Sean Payton and Greg Williams were involved, but as of right now, no concrete evidence has been released to incriminate the four Saints players being accused of participating in the Bounty scandal of New Orleans.

However, I somewhat see where the NFL is coming from. The Saints organization is being used as a scapegoat, and an example. The NFL will not tolerate bounty programs on any NFL team, so the NFL is punishing the Saints to show the other NFL teams that this type of behavior is unacceptable. Although the Saints may think they are being unfairly punished, the NFL is right to some extent in what they have done.

The only thing I have a problem with is the fact that the NFL has let this situation get out of control. ┬áThe NFL is a professional organization, and I don’t believe they have handled the Saints Bounty scandal in a very professional manner. Overall, yes the Saints were very wrong in what they did, but did they deserve the situation to be blown up so big that it becomes a national matter?

That is for the NFL fans to decide. I am no Saints fan, but I am an NFL fan, and this situation concerns me. If the NFL is botching this situation, how many other situations will they let get out of control in the future?  Buckle up Roger Godell, you are in for some serious criticism.

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