Bounties? I Call It Motivation

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Ashley Fox an NFL columnist wrote an interesting article on here:

Wow, what an article. First I have to ask if the gang over at ESPN do drug testing? Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis deserve to be fired?! I say no. Look, so many people our upset over the Bounties. This is football. It’s not freeze tag. Guys are paid to hit other guys and hit them hard.

It’s instilled in us as kids in everything from Pop Warner and up. You get a big hit on someone you get a sticker on your helmet. What do you do as a defensive player. You try to fill your helmet up with stickers. If your a kid on the O side of the ball the one thing you don’t want to see is the kid with all the stickers on his helmet.

Get older and it just gets bigger and better. Maybe you get out of one practice for a much of big hits in high school. College teams slap stickers too #OhioState.

It’s a sport! It’s a mean nasty sport. Where players are getting bigger, faster, and stronger. The collisions are getting louder. You watch football for amazing plays, and big hits. That’s it. No one watches the games for the one yard inside hand off with the sure tackle at the 45. No, we watch for the amazing plays.

No one should be fired for this. Let me offer you this situation. It’s the 4th quarter just under 3 minutes to go. Your team is up by three and your about to kick off. Are you going to give your team extra motivation or just hope everything goes right? Me, I’m going to pull my special teams unit together and tell them $1000 bucks to the guy who makes a big play and drops the returner inside the 15!

As far as the Saints doing what they want … They showed up to all the events that they were required too. If they were late, or maybe didn’t want to go… so what. They appeared as if they would be the champs. They became the champs. They didn’t follow the mold of all good little NFL players and teams. Sorry, not everyone can be cover boy Peyton Manning. They had and still have that SWAG. Media can wait on them, but don’t worry they will show up.

Finally, I want to ask how many late hits and how many fines have the Saints received for late hits? If the NFL officials and Roger Goodell have been doing a good job then the late hit and cheap hit fines have already been passed out. So let’s end this and move on to the draft.

Oh, and one final piece of info on cheap hits. I bleed Orange and Brown for Cleveland and if anyone should complain about cheap hits and items like that then maybe they should look at James Harrison. The last two seasons we have had cheap and/or late hits put on our players from James Harrison. He got fined and that’s it. So let’s end it at that.


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