Boise State – National Champs!

Fiesta Bowl
Yet another pre-season college football Top 25 poll is out.  This time at AOL FanHouse and this time the author went so far as the declare a national champion team.  Now, while I give him props for having the grit to go out on such a ridiculous limb…he is still, in the end, ridiculous.

The ridiculousness is not that he had a pre-season Top 25…lots of people do it.  It was WHO he picked as number one and then he annointed them national champs – Boise State.  Granted, Boise State had a great 2009.  They were undefeated.  They won their bowl appearance.  They have about 20 returning starters for 2010.  But national champs?  No.

Boise State may very well go undefeated in 2010.  They have a very favorable schedule with only two real tests.  It is conceivable they could be right up with Alabama at the top of the college football rankings come the end of the season.  However, if there is an Alabama or  Texas or a Florida who is also undefeated do you think ANY BCS voter is going to put Boise State into the National Championship game??? Do you? If you do then you need to put down the pipe and get a grip.  That’s not going to happen.  I don’t care of Boise State beats everyone down by 50 points, they will STILL not in a BCS system be in a game for the national championship.  It’s not going to happen.

Is it unfair?  Sure it is.  But the entire BCS system is unfair and it will always be unfair to teams like Boise State.  Sure, they will get a nice bowl game and their school will get millions of dollars in revenue, but they will never in the current BCS system be in the national championship game…ever.  Stop being ridiculous.

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