Bobby Petrino’s Boo Boo Is Too Much For Arkansas

Bobby Petrino, one of the most hated people in Atlanta, decided that getting on a motorcycle with a young blonde he had just hired (and who we assume he was having an affair with or something) was a good idea.  It was not a good idea.  Now, I’m not going to deride him for making bad decisions.  It’s not that.  It’s just that, what does Arkansas do?

I think we have to remember that this girl’s fiance works at Arkansas, she works at Arkansas, and Petrino is the head football coach.  Do the math.  Somebody’s going to have to go.  I mean, they could easily fire this poor little girl or her fiance, or both, but, where does that leave Petrino?

My only problem with the whole thing is that, if one of them gets let go, ALL of them have to.  If one gets to stay, then they should ALL stay.  Sure, this is a major screw up, but it’s not something that has to end lives and jobs IF it is treated with the proper respect that it deserves.

Bobby Petrino can still go into living rooms and ask kids for their undying devotion to the program and for them to be character-driven individuals, but, he can also talk about what it means when you get up from mistakes, and I think that would be good for kids to see.

Sure, he had an inappropriate relationship with this girl, but she’s not any more at fault than he is.  Plus, if she’s fundraising, it’s pretty easy to hide and let your name go to the back page of the paper.

I think this is too much for Arkansas because I think they won’t handle it right.  They need to work on redemption rather than accusation.  Mercy rather than punishment.  Act like grown people for a moment, and this could be a very good thing for Arkansas, if you let it.



  1. http://Kevin says

    why would anyone have to go? I mean, none of them did anything wrong…so an employee was getting a ride from her boss? big deal….whether literally or figuratively, it’s been happening for centuries….and it’s none of anyone else’s business! Media blows this crap way out of proportion.

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