Big Ten go 0-5 in New Year’s Day bowls

The Big Ten had  developed a national reputation as a conference that gets a lot of publicity, but whose teams are not that good.

Well the Big Ten’s reputation took another hit on New Years Day when their teams went 0-5.  No one will care that Big Ten teams were underdogs in all five games, or that the locations were tough, or that no bowl lineup compares to the Big Ten’s in terms of difficulty.

The Big Ten considers itself the top football conference, but that was shown to be not true as they went 0-3 against SEC teams, losing the three games by a combined score of 138-45. And it not like future Big Ten member Nebraska was a Bowl star, as they lost to a 6-6 Washington team in the Holiday Bowl.

The bottom line is that conferences need their schools to show up and play the games.  and two Big Ten teams, Michigan State and Michigan did not show up yesterday.

Michigan State were co-champs of the Big Ten and yet they were totally over matched against Alabama. It has been more of the same for Michigan and its lousy defense against Mississippi State. The Wolverines simply could not get off the field on defense.

The Big Ten has to hope that the Ohio State Buckeyes can save face for the conference when they play Arkansas on Tuesday in the Allstate Sugar Bowl. Maybe that is the reason that Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany lobbied last month to get Ohio State’s suspended players to New Orleans for the bowl!


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