Best Suggestion Ever for Improving the NFL

By now, you know how I feel about football players doing anything other than playing football. For the most part, I think they shouldn’t even talk. Just play. There is nothing worse than listening to player turned sportscaster talk about “when I was on the field,” or having a player think he knows the business aspects of football because of his time in a jersey and tight pants. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the players and live for those 16-plus Sundays from September through February.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Simon Cumming

The reason I bring all this up is because Peter King allowed Texans offensive lineman Eric Winston to take over his column, Monday Morning Quarterback, today. Winston’s column is titled, “Five ways to change the NFL.” The very first suggestion? “Play the Super Bowl on Saturday.” Oh yes! That will definitely change the NFL! In fact, I can’t imagine that the NFL will look the same if we ever move the Super Bowl to ****gasp**** Saturday. The games won’t be the same…. the players will all be different…. the plays…. **oh wait** NOTHING will change if we move the Super Bowl to Saturday. People will have a day to sleep off their “celebrations.” That’s about it.

The fact that this is his very first suggestion reinforces my stance on players not talking. (Talking and writing are the same thing.) They need to be quiet. Study the play books. Play. That’s all.

Winston’s suggestion is supported by the fact that most parties are on Saturday and the Super Bowl would feel more appropriate with that party type atmosphere if played on Saturday.

Yep – that is groundbreaking, and most certainly will change the NFL.

When does football start again? Can we not have any further guest posts from players until then?

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