Best Of Luck

My Painting of the Eagles
Let’s me start out by saying I am NOT one of those people who is still holding what Michael Vick did against him.  He paid his debt, went to prison, and is working hard to remake his life.  I’m done with his past transgressions as long as he is working to move past it and not repeat the same mistakes.  I also wish him the best of luck as the Eagles starting quarterback.  He’s going to need it.  Not because he can’t play, because it’s more than obvious that he can.  But because the Eagles have gone about this the wrong way and it may come back to bite them.

Andy Reid said time and time and time again that when Kevin Kolb was healthy he was the starting quarterback.  What Vick did on the field did not matter.  Kolb was the guy.  Kolb is our starter.  Kolb is our future.  I was convinced this was true.  Not because Reid said it but because the Eagles had committed to Kolb on every possible level.  They claimed they got rid of McNabb so they could go younger and Kolb was their guy.  They gave Kolb a big contract extension with lots of money.  They had Kolb at the head of the team in training camp and in pre-season.  Vick was the same sometimes off the bench used in wild cat or other weird situations backup.  He was an afterthought.  Kolb was the future of the Eagles franchise.  He was their man.  Period.  I believed it.

Then, after Kolb is cleared to play, Reid changes his mind.  He said he watched film and saw that due to their offensive line woes that Vick was the better fit.  Wait, he couldn’t see that when Kolb was playing and got his head smashed into the ground?  He couldn’t see that through the games Vick played and had to run for his life because he had ZERO protection?  He had to watch film to see it?  Is he blind or stupid?  I think we all know the answer to that.  Reid knows that the Eagles best chance to win is with Vick.  He knew it when they were making Kolb king of the world.  The Eagles were just afraid of the backlash.  He also knows that the Eagles didn’t get rid of McNabb for Kolb…they got rid of McNabb because they wanted to – period.

Now, Vick has to perform for his life.  I guarantee you that if he stumbles at all – he’s out.  The Eagles will go back to Kolb so fast it will make your head spin.  They have no concrete direction.  They are about as wishy washy as my washing machine.  If I were Michael Vick I wouldn’t get too comfortable with the ball.  The Eagles will turn on a dime and turn on a player quicker than Benedict Arnold.  And let’s not forget that lovely Philly press who led with the headline on Vick reading “Top Dog”.  Vick has an uphill battle….maybe one of the biggest of his life because he’s working with an indecisive coach and a front office who doesn’t know the first thing about how to manage a team.  Best of luck Michael, you’re going to need it.

© photo credit: Paul J Everett

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