The BCS bowl projections got a little more difficult last night when Oklahoma State thrashed Oklahoma.  It now all depends on how the final BCS standings shake out.  Will it be Alabama at 2 or Oklahoma State?

If Alabama ends up ranked 2, they will of course face LSU in the BCS title game.  If Oklahoma State ends up at 2, they will be in the title game vs LSU and Alabama will probably play Michigan in the Sugar Bowl.

Let’s look at the top bowls IF Alabama ends up at 2.  Rose Bowl – Wisconsin vs Oregon.  Fiesta – Oklahoma State vs Stanford.  Sugar – Michigan vs Kansas State.  Orange – Clemson vs West Virginia.  BCS Title Game – LSU vs Alabama.

If Oklahoma ends up at 2, then it will be probably this way.  Everything the same as above, except the Sugar will be Michigan vs Alabama and the BCS Title game will be LSU vs Oklahoma State.

The BCS Bowl Selection show later today will sort out who ends up where and at what bowl game.

Some of the other big bowl games look to probably shake out this way:

Jan. 2 TicketCity: Penn State vs. Houston

Jan. 2 Capital One: South Carolina vs. Nebraska

Jan. 2 Outback: Michigan State vs. Georgia

Jan. 2 Gator: Ohio State vs. Florida

These are just some projections ahead of the big show.  Still not a fan of the BCS system but it is what it is.  All we can hope for now is that whoever ends up in the bowl games, that the games will be competitive and fun to watch during the holiday season.


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