Baltimore Ravens Have a New Fight Song

Hey, I’m from Wisconsin, and our song is “On Wisconsin.” Then there’s “Go, Pack, Go” for the Packers. So what do I know about team fight songs? I don’t know what the Ravens song used to be, but I do know they have a new song. You never know, it could help them win.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Maryland National Guard

Their new song will be rolled out for the Thursday night pregame. The song will be played after touchdowns and field goals. According to USA Today, the lyrics for the new song will be:

Baltimore Ravens Let’s go
And put that ball across the line
So fly on with talons spread wide
Go in and strike with Ravens pride
Ravens dark wings take to flight
Dive in and show them your might
For Baltimore and Maryland
You will fly on to victory

It’s set to the “Baltimore Colts Fight Song.”

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