Free Agent Maddness!

It’s been a long time Browns Fans!  However, I’m back and should start adding a lot more input as well as some out of the box points of view for everyone to enjoy.  So let’s get to it …

Just minutes away from Free Agency Frenzy and I have to admit that I really am pumped for what is about to happen.  Don’t get me wrong.  You can not build an NFL team with only free agents.  You have to build using the draft.  However, for a team that has not really had anything to build on this may be a way to get things in place. 

Week 1 in Review Eagles at Browns

Something special about the feel before the first game of the season in the NFL as with all sports. It’s the feeling that for an instant everyone is tied for 1st place. It also includes for NFL fans that feeling of the first tailgate. The first cookout with friends and family to cheer on your team. It’s something that you can only get with the first game of the year. Talking about the off-season free agent additions and the guys that have been added through the draft. For Cleveland Brown fans this years has a special feel to it. I’m not saying they will go to the playoffs. I’m not saying they will be a 500 team this year. Honestly, I feel a six win season would be a huge step. However, I believe it will be a five win myself.

Fantasy Football 1st look at who to draft by position

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be positing my take on Fantasy Football.  The rank by position, what round you are going to be looking at for these players, and finally a over all Top Fantasy Board … with that said let’s get it started …

Tight Ends:

1.  Rob Gronkowski: New England Pats

Things are fitting N2 place for Cleveland

Welcome to the New ERA of the Cleveland Browns. The Owner Randy Learner wants to build a winning team. Jan. 5th 2010 Mike Holmgren was named the President of the Cleveland Browns. Jan. 11th 2010 Tom Heckert was named the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns. Jan 13th 2011 Pat Shurmur was named head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Jan 21st 2011 Dick Jauron named defensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns. Jan 27th 2012 Brad Childress is named the new offensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns.
All these piece are in place. The staff is set. The front office is set. The Defense with several feature players (Joe Haden, T.J. Ward, Phil Dawson, and more) are young and set for a great run. The final piece to this puzzle is one that has been missing in Cleveland for awhile. An offensive that can score points.
Welcome to the 2012 NFL Draft! Welcome Trent Richardson who will be the next 1000 plus yard rusher and I’m willing to bet this season it happens. Welcome Brandon Weeden the next starting QB for the Cleveland Browns. Last year the Browns Picked up Greg Little in the 2nd round and he has shown signs that he could be a great player. With rounds 2 though 7 left look for a right tackle to be taken as well as at least one more wide receiver.
Hold on tight Cleveland … this is going to be a wild ride … not just the season … but the next two Draft days as well!

NFL Draft Round 1 review Cleveland Browns

First let me say that the first round of the NFL draft and more speed, twist, and turns then an F1 race. With that said I want to focus on what the statement was the the Cleveland Browns made so far.

With The Number Four Pick The Cleveland Browns Select …

Yes, the Cleveland Browns need a solid running back and Trent Richardson would provide that.  However, the number four pick will still be Justin Blackmon.  So why Blackmon, and not Richardson?  The NFL has become a passing league and running backs have been proven easier and easier to come by.   This will be the second year with Pat Shurmur as head coach and McCoy under center.  Greg Little will be a lot better this season and hopefully not drop any passes.  However, let’s face it … the Browns as a team had more drops then any other.  Little and Massaquoi have both been working hard this offseason and the bottom line is we will have a solid number two in little and number three in Massaquoi.  Adding Blackmon at the one with the number four pick makes the receivers solid all around.  Plus we have Josh Cribbs to put anywhere we want on the field.

An Average Offseason Could Equal A Winning Season For The Browns

Small moves in free agency, and build through the draft.  That seems to be the way the Cleveland Browns under Pat Shurmur and Mike Holmgren and going to be built.  Popular?  Not to most fans who watch as players such as Mike Wallace are dangled in front of them.  Fans watched the kickoff of Free Agent Frenzy with many hopes and dreams of signing big names.  That just hasn’t happened.

Cleveland Browns … Till The End!

Wow, I can’t do it. I CAN’T DO IT!!! AS A FAN!!! I CAN’T DO IT! If you are a fan of a team … a true fan. Then be one till the end! Be one that is there even when they only make one playoff appearance since they returned. Yes, discuss what is going on with the team. HOWEVER! Don’t, Don’t, Don’t run them into the ground! When you do that you are no better than the fans wearing Black and Gold. You might as well go over there and sit down with them. Take them to the flats after the game, and tell them you can’t cheer on any team in Cleveland!

Who’s Driving The Dog Pound?

So the Cleveland Browns have A LOT of players to look at as far as taking snaps behind center.  First and foremost lets get Peyton Manning off the table.  Several reasons why Peyton wouldn’t work out for Cleveland.  First, the Browns are looking for a QB to build the franchise around.  At Manning’s age combined with his neck issues, a team will consider themselves “lucky” if he can make it four years.  My honest guess is after three he will hang it up.  The Browns need a QB they can have for the next ten years.  Not three.  Plus, after if I’m Manning after four neck procedures I want to go where it’s warm.

Bounties? I Call It Motivation

Pirate Flag
Ashley Fox an NFL columnist wrote an interesting article on here:

Wow, what an article. First I have to ask if the gang over at ESPN do drug testing? Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis deserve to be fired?! I say no. Look, so many people our upset over the Bounties. This is football. It’s not freeze tag. Guys are paid to hit other guys and hit them hard.