Art Monk Joins Lawsuit Against NFL

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has to be looking in the mirror wondering what he did to upset the football Gods.   Hall of Fame wide Receiver Art Monk is the latest in a long line of retired players to join in another lawsuit against the league.

We have discussed ad nauseum what Goodell hasn’t done to help those in need who placed the NFL on the map.  To make the NFL what it is today for him to become Commissioner with only one goal in mind, the 18 game season.

No this isn’t about that.  It’s about the players who are suffering.  Suffering from injuries sustained during their playing days.   Aches they can’t relieve, headaches they cannot get rid of.  It is a sad story that is causing some to give up, end their lives and eliminate the pain.

The Washington Times reported Thursday that the 54-year-old Monk is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit filed last week in Los Angeles Superior Court.  Monk has joined more than 2,000 former NFL players who have filed different lawsuits against the league around the country.  The lawsuits all say the same thing.   The NFL knew the long-term effects that repeated concussions would have on players and concealed the information.

Monk is a player that was a star on the Washington Redskins in the 80’s, winning three Super Bowl titles.  He entered the league with the ‘Skins in 1980 and broker the team rookie record for most catches in a season with 58.  Overall in his career, Monk amassed 940 catches for 68 TD’s.  He finished his career in 1995 with the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Hall of Fame came calling in 2008 and he was inducted into the Canton, OH Shrine with fellow teammate Darrell Green.

Monk states in the filing he suffers from “short term memory loss, headaches and speech difficulties” after sustaining multiple concussions during his career.  This is very similar to what the others involved in the lawsuit, and those who chose different avenues to remedy their pain, were complaining of.  Yet the league remains steadfast in their denials.  However, on their behalf, they must be.

Any type of acknowledgement these players might be correct and concussions did cause them lifelong injuries and suffering would weaken the league’s defense.  And ultimately cost the NFL millions and millions in health care dollars.  Something even the “cash-cow” league might not be able to overcome.

These cases will soon be consolidated into one giant lawsuit.  When that happens, the NFL and Goodell will be forced to listen and settle.  Meaning the players will get some relief to their pain.  How much relief will be negotiated.

Meanwhile that pain is still there.  A constant reminder of a career with so much lingering suffering.

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