Arkansas Hypocritical Replacing Petrino

It seemed nice.  Proper.  Ethical.  When the University of Arkansas fired coach Bobby Petrino last week for his actions with another woman and helping her get a job inside the school, it looked like Athletic Director Jeff Long and the school were taking the high road.  Appearance is all it was.

John L. Smith will be named the new head coach Tuesday.  He will be working under a ten month agreement and be paid a paltry $850,000.  According to many, unless Arkansas wins the National Championship, Smith has virtually no chance to be named the head coach after the 2012 season.

The loser in this game is Weber State.  See not only did Arkansas fire a man they felt was a problem and not true to his word, they have hired a replacement that is much the same thing.  Smith had been hired in December as head coach.  Not only did he take the job at Weber, he called Long to pursue the Razorbacks job.  And Long went along with it!

“When Coach Smith first approached me about returning to Arkansas to serve in this position, he talked about his desire to be a part of the continued success of these student-athletes, this coaching staff and the Razorback program,” Long said in a statement.

Where was Smith’s concern for these kids when he left in December?  Where was his passion to work with the current staff?  This is the problem with the NCAA.  How can the Governing Body look themselves in the mirror with a straight face and allow Long, Arkansas and Smith to perpetrate this fraud on Weber State, when they would stop a student-athlete for doing the same thing?

Please be aware Smith took the job at Weber State because it was his alma mater.  Also nobody was knocking down his door to offer him a head coaching position since he single handedly tore apart the Michigan State Program.  His star had fallen.  Smith was no longer the “wanted” man and he went back to his alma mater looking for a new start.  Now he gets one in Arkansas.

Smith was a head coach at Michigan State and Louisville, where he was replaced by Petrino after the 2002 season.   Smith has a 132-86 record as a head coach and served as the special teams and outside linebackers coach at Arkansas for the 2009-11 seasons under Petrino.

Weber State athletic director Jerry Bovee said the “timing of this announcement is problematic” but the school would move forward.

“Wow, just when you think the pieces to the puzzle are all in place, something big happens to create chaos and the picture changes,” Bovee tweeted.

Arkansas has managed to do almost the impossible.  Replace one immoral coach with another.  Sure they are that way in different ways, but they are two peas in a pod.  Why bother letting Petrino go?  To show you’re on top of things?  Just to steal a coach away from another school that had just left?  This makes no sense for anyone involved.

The NCAA should step in and say No.

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