Arizona Cardinals Staying On Course

With the dreams of Peyton Manning sporting a cardinal red jersey in 2012 now completely down the drain, it is time for fans to cool their heads and gain better perspective of our current quarterback. Kevin Kolb was thrust into an Arizona spotlight with just over a month to prepare for the regular season, attempting to grasp an offense that took future Hall of Famer Kurt Warner two seasons to nail down.

The numbers between Warner and Kolb are fairly similar in their first years playing as Cardinals, with Warner fairing only slightly better despite playing 1 ¾ games more. Outside of Warners 64.5 completion percentage, the statistics reveal two players that struggled in a new offense despite Warner having a full offseason that Kolb was denied due to the lockout. Fans should be very patient with the development of Kevin Kolb, remembering the passing game of 2009 took a bumpy road to achieve success.

Kolb came very close to being replaced just weeks ago, and should have a mountain of motivation to beat out Skelton and command this offense in the coming year. Although I am sure he is exhausted of hearing about living up to Warner status, he needs to dedicate the next five months to studying the reads Warner possessed and gain confidence to Whisenhunt’s schemes.

It was apparent in every game last season that he was simply lost in the pre-snap, reverting to unnecessary scrambling out of the pocket or hurrying the ball out. Kolb’s success hinges on his ability to recognize the defense before him and quickly fire to a target as Warner did. This takes a great deal of study, time in the offense and thousands of practice snaps.

While Peyton may have been a tremendous temporary option for the Cardinals, the best option in the long run is landing and grooming a quarterback able to play with health for many years down the road. Kevin Kolb is still young and possesses the tools to be a profoundly better quarterback than the player we saw last year. What Manning could not provide to this organization is longevity, the promise of leading a team to success year after year. Should Kolb finally wrap his mind around this offense, Cardinals fans would be treated to passing supremacy for a great deal of years without shuffling in unprepared quarterbacks, as seen in the last 2 years.

The point in writing this is to simply go into the off-season understanding that Kolb’s progression will take time, and in time may prove a much better option that landing an ephemeral Peyton Manning. As nice as it is to have an elite player stroll into town to play quarterback, it only leaves the team in an awful place three years down the road.

Kurt Warner and Kevin Kolb showed poor play in their first seasons for the Cardinals, but if Kevin elevates the mental aspect of his play, Phoenix may be looking at another elite QB to rise from the ashes.


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