Are There 96 Receivers Better Than T.O.? (That’s A Really Good Question, I Have To Admit)

I already wrote about Terrell Owens, but I didn’t even think of this question.  I just heard a caller to a radio show say that he cannot believe that there are 96 receivers in the NFL that are better than Terrell Owens.  T.O. surely must be better than at least, the VERY LEAST, the bottom five guys, right?

I think it’s interesting that the league has this many guys who play the position and that teams are not willing to think of it in those terms.  I mean, if you think about it that way, he’s someone you should look at.  I’m not saying that you have to sign him, pay him, anything.  I think that there must be someone who thinks that he can have a veteran fourth receiver who can show younger kids what to do.  Maybe he’s ready for that now.  I think that would be good.

The more I think about it, I think that he could be a great position coach.  Probably no more than that, but I can imagine him forming a bond with a kid who is young and showing him how to play the position.  That makes total sense to me and I can see it happening.  It just sounds like something that would work.

So, if you wanted to take a shot at him, I’d make him a player/coach.  I’d ask him to be the number four and coach the younger dudes.  That would be great for a team that needs an offensive identity and needs to figure out a way to train their younger receiving corps faster.

I’m not saying I would do this with my team, but I think some teams could benefit from this.  Sure, the reporters will go to him, but maybe he’s ready to be a different guy–and a different role will help so much.


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