Antonio Bryant Released By Bengals

WR Chad OchocincoI’ve always loved the expression “you can’t make the club sitting in the tub.” And this season it appears we have our first casualty of the phrase. Newly signed wide receiver Antonio Bryant of the Cincinnati Bengals was released today by his new team and the Bengals will have to give the former Buc $8 million dollars just to go away. Not a bad severance package following a few months of service if you ask me.

But Bryant’s release should not be considered too much of a shock despite the fact that the former Pro Bowler just signed a 4 year $28 million dollar contract with the club. In fact it was rumored that the entire reason why the Bengals signed Terrell Owens this off-season was because of Bryant’s proneness to nagging knee injuries and his lack of understanding the Cincinnati offense this training camp.

And if the Bengals closely watched Bryant last season in Tampa Bay then they would have known not to sign him to that type of long term deal in the first place. Bryant’s numbers suffered under a platoon of mediocre quarterbacks last season, but his greatest challenge was overcoming his knee problems to return to form over the course of the year.

Bryant was apparently hopeful a year back that he would not need surgery on his knee and the Bucs extended his contract by a single year when they applied the franchise tag, but early in preseason it became obvious that the former Pitt man was not at full health and would need surgery. Following the surgery Bryant elevated his numbers late in the season when Josh Freeman became the team’s consistent starter, but the nagging knee injuries and the slow start to the season have become a Hallmark part of Bryant’s current game.

And a player that was once a diamond in the rough for Tampa Bay two years back has now become an $8 million dollar mistake in Cincinnati.

  Creative Commons License photo credit: Navin75

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