Andrew Luck Gives Colts Nation much to Look Forward To

Colts Nation and Colts fans across the world were very impressed with their new QB last Sunday. Obviously, we all know by now of his impressive preseason debut. I was in attendance for Andrew Luck’s very first snap, which resulted in a 63 yard touchdown pass to Donald Brown.

The energy in that stadium was crazy. For the first two quarters of that football game it felt like a regular season game, or even a playoff game. Every fan in that stadium was on their feet after Donald Brown scampered 63 yards to the freshly blue painted Colts endzone. Colts Nation didn’t care if the game was only “preseason.” All that mattered in every fans head last Sunday was that our team, the Indianapolis Colts, were playing well.

After the hardships of last season, it was great to see the Colts go out there and play a terrific game. Not to mention I got a first look at a future football legend. ┬áNot only did Luck start off terrific, he played lights out all the way up until Chuck Pagano pulled him from the game. He ended up completing 10 out 16 passes, for 188 yards and 2 TD’s. Luck’s second touchdown pass was a very impressive touch throw to Austin Collie in the corner of the end zone. Other highlight throws by Luck include his lazer rocket throw to TY Hilton on the sideline, and his over the shoulder throw to Quinton Cosby. However, some fans still look to scrutinize Luck and say, “Well, it was only preseason.”

The last Colts quarterback that had a preseason debut of this caliber was the one and only Peyton Manning. We all know just how well that turned out for the Colts. So, maybe Andrew Luck can fill Peyton’s shoes. Obviously he will never be a Peyton Manning, but I am a firm believer in Luck. I think with him quarterbacking the Colts, they will one day get back to Super Bowl glory. Andrew Luck will make his 2nd preseason start against a much tougher opponent tomorrow.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the team that stand in the way of Luck’s chances of matching his game one preseason performance. I know I will be watching, I hope all of Colts Nation will also be watching the future of the Colts. It’s not often that a legend comes around, but maybe the Colts got “Lucky” enough to have two back to back. Favre to Rodgers, Manning to Luck? Maybe in time we will see. But if Luck’s first pass is any indication to his future success, than the future looks very bright for the Indianapolis Colts, very bright indeed.

Colts Nation tune in tomorrow to watch the future of our franchise Andrew Luck, and take another look at our newly designed Indianapolis Colts team. The game starts at 8:00 pm Sunday night. It’s a prime time game, so the whole world will be watching.

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