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Brooklyn Bridge
I’ve got a bridge for sale as the saying goes.  Visanthe Shiancoe has been working out with a group of players including former Eagles back Brian Westbrook.  He says that Westbrook is healthy, not feeling his previous injuries, ready to go.  Now, about that bridge.

Westbrook as a viable even short yardage or special situation down player is just not going to happen.  All these workouts he’s doing amount to nothing.  There’s no full contact going on.  There’s no 250 pound lineman smashing him in the head time and time again as there would be in a game.  Just because he can work out with some other NFL players and look good running around in some shorts and a tight T-shirt does not mean he is ready to play anything for any team in the NFL.

Just a few weeks ago, it was being reported that several teams were interested in Westbrook.  Since that time, not one team has been reported to make a real offer to him.  And if I’m right, I don’t think any team will.  There is just too much risk in taking a chance on Westbrook being able to play.  And I mean play at all.

Westbrook most certainly has suffered damage that is never going to fully heal.  In a game situation, he is just too fragile a player anymore for anyone to risk bringing on.  Unless someone is willing to sign him to run 2 or 3 short yard plays per game, there is no other instance in which I can see him being productive and staying healthy.  There comes a time when a man has to say this is enough.  That time has come for Westbrook and for the sake of his health, let’s hope he does it.

Deborah Horton Writing

© photo credit: slsch1

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