Alex Smith vs. Cam Newton Isn’t A Fair Fight

When you have Alex Smith and Cam Newton going toe-to-toe and people jarring on Twitter, it’s pretty hard to defend Alex Smith.  Yes, he had an unbelievable season and there is no arguing with that, but, I think Cam Newton owns the upside on this one.  Let’s be real.  Alex Smith has no right saying anything about anybody that could be even construed as a slight because, it’s just not right.  He’s not that good.  We can’t imagine a world in which Cam Newton is not as good as Alex Smith because Cam Newton is far better than Alex Smith.

Cam Newton is someone who doesn’t even really need defending.  He’s just not in need of that.  He’s so good all on his own that there’s really no point.  We can see how strong he is.  How gifted he is.  How tough he is.  How quickly he learned the offense.  How fast he went from  “46” to a complicated NFL offense.

So, let’s just say for a second that the 49ers continue to be good and even win a Super Bowl, but Cam Newton puts up all those numbers and never wins a title.  Is Cam still better than Smith?  Yeah.  Unless Alex Smith wins a Super Bowl all by himself, there is no way in the world that he is going to be able to eclipse Newton.  It just isn’t going to happen.  We can all see the difference in talent, skill, and upside.  I know upside is kind of a weird word because you can judge it in many different ways, but the upside clearly belongs to Newton.

So, as a 49ers fan.  Alex, shut up.  Just, can it and get better.  I want a ring.  I don’t want bragging rights because you talk better trash.  I just don’t care.  I need rings and I need them now.


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