Alabama/LSU: The Day Of (Someone’s Season Getting Ruined, Maybe)

It’s the day of the LSU and Alabama showdown where one team’s season could be ruined, and it feels like a great day for football.  I’m in Atlanta, and I’m not TOO far from Tuscaloosa.  So, the weather today is absolutely fantastic for football (and marching band.)  The day of the game, we should revisit the question of whether the team that loses this game will be able to rebound from the loss.

I just heard Urban Meyer talking about ruining the other team’s season.  I realized he knew exactly what he was doing all the time when he said, in effect, “You’re motivating 18-22 year olds.  You’ve got to use anything you can get.”

You know what?  This is going to be a low scoring game where both teams are playing tenacious defense and the offenses have a hard time grounding and pounding.  Because of that, we’ll get a really slow game that will come down to the wire.  Probably, if we’re lucky, we’ll get some weird trick play or odd call from Les Miles.  As you watch the game, it should become obvious that Alabama has the homefield advantage, but LSU has the advantage of being number one and knowing they control their own destiny.

I still truly believe that is Alabama wins this game, they can leapfrog even undefeateds because the argument for these two rematching in the BCS title game has been floating around for so long.  That doesn’t influence the computers, but it might influence the polls.

If LSU loses, I think their season is pretty much over.  I don’t know why LSU would get less help in the polls than Bama….wait, yeah I do.  It’s LSU.  Bama is Bama.  Everyone’s going to give Bama the benefit of the doubt.

Let’s hope for an Alabama loss so we can then cross our fingers for a rematch in the title game.  That’s how this game becomes a maybe.

Creative Commons License photo credit: woody1778a

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