Aggies Out in the Cold…But Why?

There is still speculation that Texas A & M would like to leave the Big 12 and join the SEC.  Rumors ran rampant over the past weekend the deal was done and would be announced.  However the SEC changed their tune and denied there was ever any deal to allow the Aggies entrance.

But why the sudden change of mind?  This was a move that had been worked on for weeks.  Yet at the last minute the SEC pulled out with a meager explanation.   This makes no sense unless you dig deeper and see how it all has to do with outside influences.

What has Texas A & M upset at the Big 12 is the new Longhorn Network, designed for only the University of Texas.  The Aggies, as discussed here earlier, gives the Longhorns a huge advantage in recruiting over all schools in the state of Texas.  Texas can go into recruit’s living rooms and tell the parents they can watch their son play every Saturday on the network.

Imagine being a parent and not worrying about the amount of travel you have to pay for to see your son play.  Sure they want to make as many games as possible, but the pressure is off now because of the new Longhorn Network.  And this is allowed by the NCAA.

So Texas A & M wants to go where the advantage is gone.  Where better to go than the best conference in America.  Recruiting would be even as the Aggies could say come play in the SEC, where we have a shot at the National Title every year.  Our conference has a television network too and our games will be on every Saturday also.

But if you look closer, you will see the real problem and reason for the SEC turning down the Aggies entrance into the conference.   Let’s say they have 300 million reasons to pull strings.

ESPN is smack in the middle of this controversy.  They are spending $300 million over 20 years to fund the Longhorn Network and they would like a return on their money.  Should Texas A & M leave the Big 12, it might cause the collapse of the conference.

Then where does Texas go?  Would any conference want Texas to bring along this Network and causing other schools the same consternation as the Big 12 and Texas A & M?  Certainly not the Big Ten.  Pac 12 no.  Mountain West maybe, but that would be a step down for Texas.  However a move for Texas to the SEC makes sense, especially to ESPN.

ESPN has money invested in the SEC Network.  Rumors are flying that ESPN pulled rank and squelched the SEC entrance of the Aggies, in hopes they would look elsewhere.  Then when the Big 12 crumbles, Texas goes into the SEC and ESPN makes money on both ends.  The Longhorn Network and the SEC.

The Big 12 has said it will pursue expansion if A&M bolts.   Some reports state that the league’s 13-year, $1 billion deal with Fox for second-tier games would be adjusted if the Big 12 remained a nine-team conference.  Time is of the essence.

Meanwhile ESPN controls the game.

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