AFC Title Game — Finally A Prediction

NY Jets Suck

I think the Jets got past this one already.

I’ve been thinking about this for days and the problem is that I like both of these teams.  Usually, when you have a team or coach or player you hate you can just go the other way and see the game from their perspective.  It makes it much easier to say, “Ok, we’re dead” or “Ok, they’re toast”.  But, in this case, it isn’t working.

I like Rex Ryan.  Granted, he’s a doofus, but he just does stupid things like tape foot fetish videos and rile up teams who he shouldn’t be riling.  Otherwise, the man can coach.

I like the way the Jets are playing.  I like that Bart Scott was so fired up after beating New England.  The simple, “Can’t wait!” was so angry that I was wondering who he’s got it out for this week.

After all, Scott is a former Raven.

However, I really like the Steelers.  What’s not to like?  Big Ben has two rings.  Tomlin is a great coach.  The Steeler defense is great, and when Big Ben moves around he can make throws that nobody else can make.  Oh, and he’s huge, so it’s hard to bring him down.

I know, I feel like I’m taking part in the Rex Ryan/Mike Tomlin lovefest, but I can’t help it.  So, what’s the difference?

I think it’s obvious.  The Jets’ ability to run the ball.  The Steelers do have injuries on defense, but the unit is still very good.  However, if LDT or Shonn Greene can get in the backfield a couple times then field position becomes a non-issue for young Mark Sanchez.

Given time, I think Sanchez can poke enough holes in the Steeler defense to win this game.  That is their only chance.

And I’m banking on it.

I’ll take the Jets — and destiny.  27-17

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