A Sad Day For T.O.

Not only was T.O. cut by the IFL team he was with, but he lost his ownership stake in the team.  That means that he will not be able to revive his career by working on the fringes of a lesser-known football league.  I kind of hoped that T.O. would be able to make his comeback in a way that was interesting and redemptive.  Because, he probably could have parlayed his ownership interest in a small team into some kind of other management opportunity in the upper echelons of pro sports.  However, when he doesn’t even have his small ownership stake, he can’t really make a comeback.

It’s a sad end, to me, for a guy who was so much promise and idealism when he was younger.  He should have been a first ballot hall of famer. He should have been, at the very least, Art Monk but bigger and stronger.  Instead, he was great, but he was a horrid teammate and he marked himself with his ego rather than his play.  It’s hard to remember exactly how good he was when he was younger.  He was brilliant.  He was faster, stronger, and had the best hands.  We always forget that because of his abrasive and insane personality.  That personality put him on the fringes of the game that he should have owned.

When we see players waste their talents and opportunities, it is a sad day because they don’t really realize what they are giving up until it is a little bit too late.  Sure, Owens could get back into football, but now he’s going to have to do something even bigger than he’s already done.  And, I’m not sure how he’s going to do that when he is broke and out of football altogether.  It’s just a sad day.


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