A Package Deal

The Miami Dolphins pick up of Chad Ochocinco is perhaps the perfect deal.

The Dolphins are thin at receiver and it has been one of the main things to hold them back recently.  With the addition of Ochocinco, if he makes the 5 man rotation, or even becomes a starter, they open up their receiving corps by a great deal.  The only thing he really has to prove is that he can learn the plays and routes.  Reportedly, he had too much trouble with that in New England, but I’m not so sure about that.  In New England, I think it was more the fact that the Patriots just had too many other choices and Brady preferred them over Ochocinco.

I am sure that he will be physically able and if the first day of OTAs is any indication his new Dolphin teammates think so too.  Even at 34, he seems to be in excellent physical shape and I don’t think that was ever a problem for him.  He should do very well at this minicamp the Dolphins are running and should probably make the team’s roster without any problem.  If he is a starter remains to be seen and that will depend on his ability to grasp the plays and routes.  If he can, he should provide the Dolphins with an excellent wide receiver option this season.

As for the other part of the package, the Dolphins are going to be on Hard Knocks come August on HBO.  What NFL player could be more perfect for this?  None other.  It is the perfect venue for Ochocinco who LOVES to talk and who LOVES reality television.  He is going to probably make this must see TV for many people.  Not so much because so many people like him but because people just love to watch guys like him be guys like him.  It’s the whole reality TV/train wreck mentality that has overtaken most of the television watching public.  Ochocinco is perfect for this.  It’s almost like the whole thing was scripted just for him coming to the Dolphins.  The perfect package.

It remains to be seen how the football side of things works out but you can almost guarantee a hit on the television side of things.  The Dolphins got themselves a package deal….wide receiver and reality television star all in one.  A package deal.

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