A Midsummer’s SEC Preview

College football is closer than most of us think, and that means that we will have college games on top of us before we know it.  The season will start and we’ll all be wondering where the summer went.  I guess that means it’s time to start talking about what some of these conferences are going to do.  We’ll start with the SEC because, well, they’re the best conference.

You can argue it, but they represent so many BCS national titles that we can’t even count them (and we shouldn’t anymore.)  It’s just a treasure trove of good football.  Granted, we lost Cam Newton and AJ Green from the fold.  There’s still the lingering problems at South Carolina.  Tennessee is a mess (just the University in general.)  We have no idea what’s going to go down at Florida.

With the big losses in talent, yet all of the promise of a new year comes a few sure things:

1.  Auburn has almost no chance of repeating.  (Sorry, but no Cam means much less fun.)

2.  Alabama just had it’s biggest roadblock removed.

3.  LSU will be dangerous, as always, until Les Miles outcoaches himself.

4.  Mark Richt is on thin ice at Georgia.  I don’t think there’d be any reason to fire him, but Bulldogs fans are hopelessly unrealistic.  They think that 30 years since their last national title is too long, and they just don’t understand that they can’t really compete with these other schools right now.

5.  Florida SHOULD be much better and Will Muschamp should turn out to be a stud coach.  At least, that’s what we’re all hoping or this is going to be a long season.

Since the conference has two divisions and we’re trying to figure out who will go to Atlanta for the SEC title game, let’s just stick to that.

I’ll take Alabama in the SEC West until Auburn gets Cam Newton Jr. (or until Nick Saban retires.)  It’s just that simple.  Auburn came out of nowhere.  That doesn’t usually happen, so there’s no surprises here.

In the SEC East, let’s go with South Carolina just for fun.  I’d love to see Steve Spurrier repeat.  Who doesn’t love him?

Let’s see how right I am come December.

photo credit: Matthew Tosh

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