A Few Picks

I’ll make it a habit of making picks every week, but I’m not going to go into detail on every game.  That’s not really my style anymore.  I remember writing 4000-5000-word pieces for another outlet back in the day, and while those were fun to write, I just don’t have the time for that anymore.  Moreover, I like the idea of picking just a couple games and seeing how it goes.  It’s almost like being in a suicide pool because you only have so many chances to get it right.

So, here goes.  My first picks for the 2011 season:

Atlanta and Chicago…

Let’s be real.  The Falcons are going to score ALOT.  I mean, ALOT.  So, it’s no wonder that I would pick the Falcons to win.  However, I also think that it’s the kind of thing that can start off their season right.  I mean, in a big way.  Chances are, the Bears get destroyed because they won’t be able to score, and the Falcons are going to be poised to score big in the first week.

I’ll say:  ATL — 45  CHI — 13

Pittsburgh and Baltimore…

These two teams are going to do what I think most teams in really good rivalries will do.  They’ll stand right in front of each other, no footwork, and then they’ll punch each other in the face over and over while waiting for the other to drop.  That’s the AFC North, and that’s the Ravens and Steelers.

I’m game for a tie:  PIT — 13  BAL — 13

Detroit and Tampa…

These two teams are both poised to make even bigger strides.  Detroit is a sexy pick to make the playoffs.  Tampa is a sexy pick to dethrone someone in the NFC South.  These two will duke it out, and I think Matthew Stafford has his real coming out party.

DET — 28   TAM — 21

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  1. http://Isaac says

    Come on!! , at least have faith on our team and pick the Steelers!! , close but make the pick ..Win 17-10 and suffering until the last play.

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