A Couple Moves In The Works

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Some folks have left the building.

It appears that a couple teams are interested in making moves that will shore up their offenses significantly.  The Dolphins are looking to acquire Reggie Bush from New Orleans, and they are also talking to Denver about Kyle Orton.  The combination doesn’t sound like a bad fit.

Orton is definitely a more accomplished passer than Chad Henne, and he would be able to come in right away and make an impact.  It would save the Dolphins time, and it would allow them to search for the quarterback of the long-off future.  Taking Reggie Bush would give them a weapon in the wildcat that is more explosive than any of the others they have had back there.  Putting the two of them together makes sense.  Reggie doesn’t run downhill, and Orton is a veteran play caller.

There’s also the possibility that Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals can be done pretty soon.  All reports say that that’s “on track”, and that means that the Cards will no longer be in the laughingstock category at quarterback.  It’s an improvement, but we’ll have to see him play before we can decide if he’s really going to be worth it.

The Jets did sign Santonio Holmes (a smart move), and that means they have a threat in the receiving corps that is deep.  Holmes makes plays, and that’s exactly what the Jets need.

Finally, Chris Johnson is planning on holding out of training camp.  Why?  Well…

He said that he wanted the team to give him a new deal before this season, but I guess that hasn’t happened, so, he’s planning on holding out.  With the new and strict rules over holdouts, I’m not sure how long this will last, but the boy does deserve to get paid.  Too bad the cap just went down.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Peter McCarthy


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