9-6, and all we have to show for it is…

LSU Tigers
LSU defeated Bama 9-6 in an overtime thriller that DID turn out to be a defensive struggle.  I’m glad I was right and I’m glad that I got the loser right.  Now, Alabama has a chance to climb back in this because they are more credible.  There’s one little wrinkle left.  What about Arkansas?

Arkansas has already lost this season, to Alabama, and they finish their with LSU.  So, Arkansas can still get in there and make this a mess for everybody.  Depending on how high Arkansas climbs in the BCS standings when they come out tonight, we could be looking at Arkansas sitting in the driver’s seat.

Let’s say that Arkansas comes into the top five and then you have LSU at number one.  Now, you have the possibility that Arkansas could beat LSU (on some stupid call by Les Miles) and then they would be sitting there just waiting to take the number two spot in the BCS at the end of the season.  Then, they’d get some weak SEC East team in the dome.  Then, you might have LSU AND Bama jockeying for position to get into a rematch game for a national title.

Personally, I can see this happening.  Arkansas beats LSU.  Arkansas wins the SEC title.  LSU falls too far to catch back up.  The voters love Bama, and Arkansas and Bama play for the national title.

I know, what about the other undefeateds?  Remember, Boise State is never going to play for a title, Stanford could still lose and Oklahoma State has a poll problem (even though they’re number one on lots of computer polls.)

I don’t think this will actually happen, mind you, but I do think it’s fun to imagine a scenario where two one-loss SEC teams play for the national title over two other teams that are undefeated.  I’m just enjoying the dysfunction that is the BCS.

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