2011 NFL Playoff Predictions

This should be fun.  A look down the road.  A look into the future of the NFL playoffs based upon what was projected earlier in the divisional races.  Yes you can take these picks to the bank because these are a lead pipe lock!   Well maybe…..

First let’s look at the AFC.  We Picked New England, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Houston to win the divisions.  The Wild card teams should be Baltimore and the Jets.  The first weekend will have Baltimore at San Diego, while the Jets travel to Houston.

Look for the Raven to win a hard fought game with the Chargers, meaning the firing of Coach Norv Turner right after.  The Jets should outshoot the Texans.  Meaning the next week Baltimore will travel to Pittsburgh again, while the Jets will go to New England and face off with the Patriots.

This is an interesting showdown in both cities as these are rematches from last season.  However this time, the future might be different.  New England will remember the beat down they received by the Jets and move on with a win.  Meanwhile Baltimore will finally get past the Steelers as the age in the defense finally arrives.  Take the Raven and Patriots in the AFC title game.

This should be a great game.  The master mind of New England against the Ravens of Baltimore.  The Pats are looking for another trip to the Super Bowl, while Baltimore would like to win one more for Ray Lewis.  But this time, it’s all New England.  Bill Belichick will put together a game plan to shut down the Ravens offense and send the Pats to the Super Bowl.

The NFC isn’t much clearer.  The division winners were Green Bay, Philadelphia, St. Louis and New Orleans.  The Packers and Eagles got a first round bye.  The wild cards will be the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons.

This sends the Giants to New Orleans in the first weekend, with Atlanta playing at St. Louis.  Atlanta will get things right this time on the road with a win over the upstart Rams.  New Orleans moves on with w Win at home over the Giants.

Week two places New Orleans at Green Bay and Atlanta in Philly for a rematch.  Even though the Packers throw everything they have at the Saints, New Orleans wants it more.  The Saints prevail.  In the meantime, the Eagles play up to their potential and beat the Falcons to move on.

This puts New Orleans in the NFC title game at Philly with the Eagles.  New Orleans is on a mission and will upend the Eagles to move into the super Bowl for the second time in three years.

This pits the New England Patriots against the New Orleans Saints.  Two coaches in Bill Belichick and Sean Payton who got their start and grooming from Bill Parcells.  It should be an excellent game with Tom Brady trying to outduel Drew Brees.  But in the end, only one can stand.

That will be New England and Brady under the confetti at the Super Bowl.  The fourth world championship under Belichick in the franchise’s history.

That will be the story of the 2011 NFL season.

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